Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My YouTube Channel

Hey Guys! You all know that I have a YouTube Channel called MrBlakeMurphy: which I haven't really been uploading on recently. As you guys know we moved to Bakersfield, CA recently, leaving everything behind we once knew.
Blake Murphy

It's very hard to start over. We have no friends out here to get the inside scoop on things. Shelly and I are having a hard time finding work out here. Starting my Photography business over out here is not as easy as I thought it would be. So with that we have really been trying to find any work we can. Shelly is now baby sitting kids while she is still looking for work. I am doing photo jobs here and there while also looking for a full time job to help us.

So it's been super busy and I just can't seem to find the time to vlog or edit. If I do find time to vlog then I'm never able to find time to edit. Then once I'm able to edit I feel the vlog is very old and doesn't make sense putting it up. So there you have it! The reason why we have been missing. I really miss making daily vlogs.

I'm happy with what my YouTube channel has achieved so far within a few years of it being up. Hopefully we are able to get back into a steady routine again and we are able to start making daily vlogs again.

Monday, January 4, 2016



  1. Visit Ever State In The U.S. 
  2. Visit Ireland
  3. Make A Short Film
  4. Fly A Plane
  5. Start A Blog
  6. Be An Extra In A Movie or TV Show
  7. Be A Member Of A TV Show Audience
  8. Get 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  9. Set A Genius Book Of World Record
  10. Travel cost-to-cost across the United States by train
  11. Visit Paris
  12. Create A Piece Of Art And Sell It
  13. Design A Website
  14. Enter Art In An Exibit
  15. Create A Video And Upload It To The Internet
  16. Spend A Weekend In New York
  17. Ride A Elephant 
  18. Go On A Safari
  19. Witness A Solar Eclipse 
  20. Take A Cruise Ship Somewhere
  21. Publish An E-Book
  22. Go Hiking In The Rain Forest
  23. Ride A Camel
  24. Fly In A Hot Air Balloon
  25. Learn A New Language
  26. See The Northern Lights
  27. Throw A Mega Party
  28. Get Featured In The News For Something I Did(That I'm proud of)
  29. Dog Sled
  30. Indoor Skydive
  31. Police Ride Along
  32. Feed An Ostrich
  33. Receive A Fan Letter
  34. Blow Glass
  35. Get VIP Passes To A Show
  36. Go To A Drive-In Movie
  37. Party In A Private Booth At A Nightclub
  38. See A Las Vegas Show
  39. Attend A Pig Roast

Friday, January 1, 2016

YouTuber Snapchat Names 2016

Here’s a list I’ve compiled randomly of YouTuber's Snapchat names. I will add to the list when I learn more! :D

Philip Defranco: philipdefranco
Steve Zaragoza: stevezaragoza
William Haynes: whilliamhaynes
Caspar Lee: casparlee1994
Meg Turney: megturney
Olga Kay: realolgakay
Alfie Deyes: itsalfiedeyes
Joey Graceffa: joeygraceffa16
Damon Fizzy: damonfizzy
Blake Murphy: mrbmurphy
Ricky Dillon: ricky.dillon
Connor Franta: theconnorfranta
Jc Caylen: chamclouder
Kian Lawley: kianlawley
Trevor Moran: trevormoran
Marcus Butler: themarcusbutler
Joe Sugg: thatcherjoe
Jim Chapman: jimchapman
Sawyer Hartman: sawyerhartman
FunForLouis: Funforlouis
Beau Brooks: Beaupbrooks
James Yammouni: jamyamm
Daniel Sahyounie: Dsahyounie
VeeOneEye: veeoneeye
Thatsojack: jackmtthw
Mazzi Maz: mazzi_maz
Lohanthony: aanthoony
Cameron Dallas: camerondallas
Oli White: oliwhite1
Sam Pottorff: sampottorff
Carter Reynolds: itsmrcarterr
Beautybaby44: Beautybaby
Dominic DeAngelis: domsuckmybomb
Kevin Droniak: kdron64
Matthew Lush: MatthewLush
Devon Battilega: devon_snaps
Jesse Wellens: jessepvp
RJ (TheNotAdam): rj4gui4r
Bart Baker: realbartbaker
Clintus McGintus: clintus
Logan Mckay: loganmckay55
Sam Pepper: sampepper
Alfie Deyes: itsalfiedeyes
Zoella: offcialzoella
Lia Marie Johnson: dappyhays
Catherine Valdes: yourfavoritecat
Hank Green: hankgre
Jack Douglass: realjackfilms
Toby Turner: chatbuscus
Harley Morenstein: harleyplays
Casey Neistat: caseyneistat
Lisa Schwartz: officiallisbug
Jenna Marbles: jennakermarbles
Lilly Singh: iisuperwomanii
Anthony Padilla: anth0nypadilla
Ian Hecox: ianhecoxsnaps
Tyler Oakley: snaptyleroakley
Shane Dawson: lolShaneDawson
Grace Helbig: realgracehelbig
Kingsley: kingsleyyt
Matthew Santoro: matthewsantoro
Lia Marie Johnson: dappyhays
Jesse Wellen: jessepvp
Jenn McAlliste: jxnnxpxnn