Sunday, February 5, 2017

Patriots vs Falcons 2017 Super Bowl Prediction

Well, its that time of year again! Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and all the football fans are filled with excitement as they have waited all year for this. As for April and I, we have looked at the team names and picked who we think will win as usual by what name speaks to us best! Watch to find out who we think will win this Super Bowl Sunday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

YouTuber Snapchat Names 2017

YouTuber Snapchat Names 2017

Here’s a list I’ve compiled randomly of YouTuber's Snapchat names. I will add to the list when I learn more! :D

Philip Defranco: philipdefranco
Steve Zaragoza: stevezaragoza
William Haynes: whilliamhaynes
Caspar Lee: casparlee1994
Meg Turney: megturney
Olga Kay: realolgakay
Alfie Deyes: itsalfiedeyes
Joey Graceffa: joeygraceffa16
Damon Fizzy: damonfizzy
Blake Murphy: mrbmurphy
Ricky Dillon: ricky.dillon
Connor Frantatheconnorfranta
Jc Caylen: chamclouder
Kian Lawley: kianlawley
Trevor Moran: trevormoran
Marcus Butler: themarcusbutler
Joe Sugg: thatcherjoe
Jim Chapman: jimchapman
Sawyer Hartman: sawyerhartman
FunForLouis: Funforlouis
Beau Brooks: Beaupbrooks
James Yammouni: jamyamm
Daniel Sahyounie: Dsahyounie
VeeOneEye: veeoneeye
Thatsojack: jackmtthw
Mazzi Maz: mazzi_maz
Lohanthony: aanthoony
Cameron Dallas: camerondallas
Oli White: oliwhite1
Sam Pottorff: sampottorff
Carter Reynolds: itsmrcarterr
Beautybaby44: Beautybaby
Dominic DeAngelis: domsuckmybomb
Kevin Droniak: kdron64
Matthew Lush: MatthewLush
Devon Battilega: devon_snaps
Jesse Wellens: jessepvp
RJ (TheNotAdam): rj4gui4r
Bart Baker: realbartbaker
Clintus McGintus: clintus
Logan Mckay: loganmckay55
Sam Pepper: sampepper
Alfie Deyes: itsalfiedeyes
Zoella: offcialzoella
Lia Marie Johnson: dappyhays
Catherine Valdes: yourfavoritecat
Hank Green: hankgre
Jack Douglass: realjackfilms
Toby Turner: chatbuscus
Harley Morenstein: harleyplays
Casey Neistat: caseyneistat
Lisa Schwartz: officiallisbug
Jenna Marbles: jennakermarbles
Lilly Singh: iisuperwomanii
Anthony Padilla: anth0nypadilla
Ian Hecox: ianhecoxsnaps
Tyler Oakley: snaptyleroakley
Shane Dawson: lolShaneDawson
Grace Helbig: realgracehelbig
Kingsley: kingsleyyt
Matthew Santoro: matthewsantoro
Lia Marie Johnson: dappyhays
Jesse Wellen: jessepvp
Jenn McAlliste: jxnnxpxnn

YouTuber Snapchat Names 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lying to Your Friends

I don’t think anyone is perfectly honest about who they are and what they do on Facebook. Your interests don’t always reflect what you do on a day to day basis. So you like skateboarding, playing guitar and generally looking cool but that’s not really you. You really only put the things that people will gravitate to and leave out embarrassment things like “passing out in a recliner drunk with a bag of Cheetos”.
I like to think of Facebook as this game where you try to see who can fabricate the most believable lie in a competition to see who has the best “life”. It’s like permanently showing off vacation photos with everyone you work with, “You see this? I’m jumping off a giant rock into a gorgeous hidden bay in Oregon. Oh you were here working and eating ramen noodles while I was having that much fun? That sucks for you.”