Wednesday, October 8, 2014

25 sites to actually kill time

1) – Browse random websites according to your interests

2) – See how big things in the universe are. Hard to use because there is no banana for scale

3) – The most addicting game I’ve played this week

4) – The trippiest shit ever if you manage to actually do it.

5) – Best videos of the moment from across the web. They also have a sick mobile app.

6) – Similar to the above one except it’s only from youtube and you might end up on one that’s old but gold.

7) – It never stops zooming. Or does it?

8) – Stuff that you never really thought about but they actually exist

9) – Most fun uselessness ever


11) There’s a really cool pot of gold at the bottom

12) – I actually don’t know why this exists but I spent way too long on this

13) – Someone photoshopped these to make people have tiny hands. I laughed at this way more than I should have

14) – Interesting stuff

15) – Be whoever you want to be…

16) – Shows you how insignificant we all are.

17) – Stuff you look at and might use/do but forget about the next day and will end up never using.

18) – How much stuff is happening on the internet. Not sure how accurate it is but it’s soothing watching the numbers go up.

19) – Who knew clicking a mouse was actually useless?

20) – Look at delicious food pictures and search anything you want. They have the recipe of everything. Prepare to get fatter than you already are.

21) – More things to make us see how insignificant we are!

22) – This motherfucker will guess any celebrity (real or fictional) you throw at him.

23) – Things you don’t need to know about lots of subjects you don’t care about. But hey, why not learn something while procrastinating right?

24) – Look at a time-lapse of places on earth over a few decades in satellite view. Quite depressing to see glaciers melt and forests diminish though… Cool time wasting website nonetheless

25) – Never, EVER, go on this website unless you want it to consume your life.