Monday, December 8, 2014

Zoella Takes A Break From YouTube?!

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has announced that she is taking a few days away from the internet following confirmation that her bestselling novel was ghostwritten.

In a recent statement, her publisher Penguin told The Sunday Times,
“To be factually accurate, you would need to say Zoe Sugg did not write the book Girl Online on her own… As publishers our role is, and always has been, to find the very best talent and help them tell their story and connect them with readers… For her first novel, Girl Online, Zoe has worked with an expert editorial team to help her bring to life her characters and experiences in a heartwarming and compelling story.”
While it’s not uncommon for people who aren’t authors to use ghost writers, it can be disappointing to hear your favorite YouTube star didn’t actually write her book. The revelation provoked a debate over the use of ghostwriters and to what degree celebrities should acknowledge any help they may have received.

Because of all the heat that’s been coming her way, Zoella this morning posted some shocking tweets.

This was tweeted within the same minute of a tweet from her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes.

Sugg, who suffers from anxiety, has taken breaks from her YouTube channel in past. Here she is talking about a previous incident:

Now while it’s not explicitly stated, it’s fair to assume this might be due to the ghost writing controversy. On Sunday, the 24-year-old uploaded this message to Twitter as a response to reports of her use of a ghostwriter.

Author Siobhan Curham is believed to be one of those who helped Sugg write the bestselling novel after being named in the acknowledgements. On Sunday she was thanking people on Twitter who were offering their support.


Sugg returned to Twitter on Monday evening to criticise coverage of her announcement about spending a few days offline.

Deyes also hit out at those suggesting he had quit YouTube.