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Friday, February 7, 2014

Fake lesbian duo tATu perform at Sochi opener

t.A.T.u. just performed at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so I guess Putin's never seen their videos? Real Russian lesbians: fined or imprisoned. Fake Russian lesbians: booked for the #Sochi opening ceremony. Got it!

The event's producer said tATu's "Not Gonna Get Us" was chosen because it's one of the only Russian pop songs that international viewers might recognize.

Konstantin Ernst also argued that the choice was about motivating athletes with an upbeat dance song that challenges competitors by saying "you're not going to get us."

I see the Russians don't have any problem with certain sorts of 'homosexuality'. While the singers put on a lesbian act, they have not defend gay rights and it is largely seen as an attention-getting gimmick.