Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart Confirm They're a Couple in the Sweetest Way

After a heavy dose of speculation from fans, YouTube stars Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart are official! The comedian/chef told DIVA magazine that their friendship turned from platonic into something more.

"I met someone who was a great fit for the real me... She's also a YouTuber. We've actually been friends for a couple of years and then... circumstances kind of aligned. Her name is Ingrid and she is a big YouTuber. But she's also one of the most brilliant, soulful people I've ever met. It's so good," she said.

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This is seriously freaking adorable. That's one way to announce your relationship status! And you can tell that they care so much about each other. Ingrid publicly came out as gay in June, and we're happy to see that she's in such a loving relationship.

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