Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Happens When This Gay Vlogger Confronts His Childhood Bully?

Riyadh K
Riyadh K
Irish gay vlogger Riyadh K confronted his childhood bully over the phone and shared with him how his bullying impacted his development. Riyadh explains that throughout school he was constantly taunted with slurs like "faggot," "queer," and "poof" and that he was instilled with fear and remained closeted as a result.

Check out the intense and ultimately "cathartic" phone call:

Riyadh shared with his bully:

“It was laughing about something that was so central to who I was and who I was becoming. I stayed in the closet for four years beyond when I realised – because I was afraid of reactions from you, the boys and a few others.”

The conversation proved to be therapeutic for Riyadh, who says:

“I don’t think that could have gone better than it did. He genuinely was sorry, and I don’t think he even realized the effect that it had on me, and still has on me now. It’s very cathartic.”

Have you had a similar opportunity for catharsis, Instincters? What would you say if given the opportunity to confront a childhood bully?